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Breaking News: Wines will be available in 2014!  Cheers!!


NOTICE OF LITIGATION PENDING:  Oasis Winery® will take action against US Bankruptcy Court & Mr. Bill Walker of Walker Commercial for Real Estate Fraud and unauthorized use of protected Registered Marks and Trademarks. Any person that participates unlawfully in this fraud including bidding at any auction not authorized by Salahi Family Trust or Oasis Winery® will be included in any and all legal actions pending.


OASIS WINERY® - Rated Top 10 in the World!

Breaking News: Wines will be released & available in 2014!  Cheers!!


Salahi Statement on the Salahi Family Trust Partnership Matter

Unauthorized use of the Federally Registered and Trademarked Oasis® Winery designation

Double Jeopardy actions for a second Auction by Bankruptcy Court is improper

(April 17, Hume, Virginia) Mr. Salahi, Candidate for Governor of Virginia has issued the following statement in response to the numerous media inquiries about the improper notices/auction & unauthorized use of the Oasis Name & Logos:

“It is indeed troubling that an unlawful auction of the Salahi Family Trust Partnership property / OASIS®, worth several million dollars including the winery property in its entirety, is taking place to cover what is allegedly a $100K note. 

I am especially troubled as a major shareholder, following my father's passing, that such action would occur without my consent or any official notice to me by the auctioneer, the US Bankruptcy Courts or any other person or entity for that matter.   This indesputably violates both Federal & State codes. When we inquired about this a few weeks ago to the Trustee based in Roanoke and auctioneer Bill Walker, our communication was ignored. 

We are requesting the USDOJ/FBI investigate this alleged fraud as I have never agreed to nor co-signed any note.

The aforementioned $100,000 note evidently appears to have been arranged fraudulently without the consent of the Salahi Family Partnership Trust as I would have been required to agree to the terms of the debt and sign the agreement.  I repeat, I never signed or co-signed the note, nor was I aware of any such note, and should one exist, it is fraudulent and does not nor should it affect the Salahi Family Partnership Trust.  We will take any and all steps necessary to protect the family land that my father wanted to see kept under the Oasis family ownership.  We will seek damages by anyone involved in these matters, including those that participate in any auctions knowing very well, that they are participating in this alleged fraud and may be involved in a conspiracy that we ask be investigated.  Furthermore, I am additionally troubled that Mr. Bill Walker of Walker Commercial Real Estate is using a federally trademarked/registered name and marks to market said property without consent by Oasis Winery® or its sole owner, Tareq Salahi. There are multiple unlawful actions taking place.  This matter is just getting started and will unfortunately likely be a long drawn-out legal battle due to the multiple legal infractions perpetrated by the various parties involved and the intricacies and bureaucracy of the case.  Lastly, the US Bankruptcy court has already proceeded and acted on the Oasis matters where it was well documented where I purchased back from the US Bankruptcy courts most personal and business equipment that was still functional and needed on behalf of the new Oasis Winery – the US Bankrupct court can not auction these same items twice… this is essential a double jeopardy”.

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